Top temptations men face, 5

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Temptation five:

“The temptation to find fulfillment outside the bonds of monogamy.”

Chuck says,

Thanks to our ability to rationalize, we men can talk ourselves into the most ridiculous predicaments imaginable.  I’ve heard most of them, he says, I’ve also listened to the children of adulterers after the fact, who never understand, who hurt beyond description, who carry scars indefinitely.  The charm of seductive passion is incredibly strong, able to blind even the godly.  The enticement can be powerful enough to make a man momentarily forget his family as well as ignore the crippling consequences of his sin.  That’s why I suggest that dads carry a picture of their brood and look at it often.  It’s impossible to fantasize about sensual lust while looking at the smiling, trusting faces of your family.

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