Over the next few weeks I am going to discussing the issue of Pride. I will be doing an overview of the book, “From Pride to Humility”, by Stuart Scott.   He does an in-depth, biblical breakdown of the manifestations of Pride vs the Attributes of Humility.

 Humility is the one character quality that will enable men to be all Christ wants them to be.

  •  “We cannot love God supremely without it.”
  •  “We cannot be an effective witness for Christ without it.”
  •  “We cannot love and serve our families or others without it.”
  • ” We cannot lead in a Godly way without it.”
  •  “We cannot communicate properly without it.”
  •  “We cannot resolve conflict without it.”
  • “We cannot deal with the sin of others rightly without it.”
  • “We especially, as men, cannot resist sin without it.”

We must learn how pride has manifested in each of us. Sometimes it is obvious and other times it shows in subtle ways, but we all have pride. Before we can truly embrace and take on the attributes of humility that God wills for us.  As men, we must be willing to do self-examination and find the areas of pride in our lives.

It is impossible to have humility where pride exists. Pride, being the opposite of humility, is one of the most hated sins in God’s eyes.

“Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD; assuredly, he will not be unpunished.” ~ Proverbs 16:5      

Stuart Scott’s book, “From Pride to Humility.”


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