Our desire at Who Me Be a Leader is to reach men in all areas and all walks of life. In this video Ronnie sits down with his friend Donny Hightower, from The InnerChange Freedom Initiative, a Prisoner Reformation Program. This is an intense values-based program that is taught from a biblical perspective and focuses on Jesus Christ and the model and source of real lifelong change. This program has two parts,  the participants receive 18 months of pre-release programming in a prison unit separated from the general population. After release from prison, they receive 12 months of reentry programming and mentoring to help them get settled back into the community, into a job and a supportive church. They remain in close relationship with IFI staff and volunteers as mentors to receive encouragement and support as needed. It is not an easy program, it is filled with a combination of academic and life-skills classes, small-group discussions, leadership training, and personal study. It is open to prisoners of any faith or no faith. But it is taught from biblical perspective with the focus being on a relationship with Jesus Christ for true lifelong change.


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