Concluding the series on depression…

Posted: December 20, 2011 in God
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Today’s video wraps up the conclusion of our talks on depression.

We hope that you take away key’s to help you deal with your depression, or the times when you’re “feeling low” as some people prefer to say.

Whatever you choose to call your period, we want you to remember that the best thing for easing your burden of depression is PRAISE.

No matter what this year or the next holds … seek God.  

In the stressful times: seek God

In the painful times: seek God    

In the terrible times: seek God

And at all times, in all seasons, in every place and in whatever state, thank God!

Merry Christmas friends and remember, “Christmas isn’t a product to wrap, but a person to unwrap.  The mystery so large became the babe so small.”


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