Patrick Morley and Ronnie Roque has a message for men

Posted: February 1, 2012 in God
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Today is comment day!  That’s where  Ronnie gathers the weekly comments and address you, our dear readers, in a video.  In today’s video he goes a bit into explaining why he feels men are untrained.  It’s a really good piece.  I encourage you all to listen.

The second video is Patrick Morley talking about an offer that he has for men

and he has asked for our help and yours in doing so.  Please take a listen to both videos.  You’re sure to be blessed.



How would you like a career helping to disciple 1,000 or more new men each year in your community? We’re looking for 330 special men who  are passionate about Christ and men’s discipleship for the newly created and exclusive position of Area Director.

If selected—and we’ve set the bar high—we’ll help position you as the “go to” guy in your community for men’s discipleship. So whether a church wants to know how to more effectively disciple all their men using our “all-inclusive” approach, have you consult on why their church is stuck, or merely ask you to recommend a resource for their small groups—you’ll be the men’s discipleship expert to whom they turn for help.



We’ll train you in every aspect of what we’ve learned in 25 years of fine-tuning men’s discipleship (see the actual church growth results here). We’ll teach you how to build a local team of like-minded men’s leaders, how to start with a big splash so the whole church community knows you’re there, how to assemble an investor team, how to train church leaders to build sustainable ministries, and how to lay the groundwork for a spiritual renewal and awakening in the community you love.

To continue reading please go to Man in the mirror

For more details about this unique opportunity please visit Patrick Morley’s site, Man in the mirror

Patrick Morley books:

1.  The man in the mirror

2.  No man left behind

3.   A man’s guide to spiritual discipline

4.  A man’s guide to work

5.   Pastoring men

6.  Man alive


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