Accountability for men: key areas

Posted: February 20, 2012 in God
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So far, Ronnie has been talking about being trained men. Now, what comes after the training?

Accountability.  Some of you may not like that word, but accountability is actually a good thing.  Take a listen to hear why.

In his video, Biblical Counselor & life coach, Ronnie Roque shares some key areas of who you need to be held accountable to and in what areas you should be held accountable men.

  • Relationships.  Ronnie says that we must be held accountable in relationships.
  • Your wife.  He says that no one knows you better than that lady who is sleeping beside you.
  • Your children
  • Time & money is certainly an area that we need to give an account to.
  • personal struggles
  • moral & ethical behavior

In order to walk like a leader men, Ronnie says you must first think of yourselves as a leader.


Welcome to Who Me Be A Leader?

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