Who me be a leader? Ronnie Roque

Some people think worldliness is limited to external behavior—the people we associate with, the places we go, and the activities we enjoy. Did you know that worldliness can also be an internal attribute because its desires are birthed in our hearts first?

There are three attributes of worldliness: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life.  In this video Ronnie talks about the boastful pride of life.

The three attributes of worldliness are:

  1. the lust of the flesh-preoccupation with gratifying physical desires
  2. the lust of the eyes—the craving and the accumulation of things bowing to the god of materialism, and
  3. the boastful pride of life—obsession with one’s status or importance.

When the serpent tempted Eve {Genesis 3:6} he tempted her in these areas.  Likewise, when the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness, these were his three areas of attack {Matt. 4: 1-11}.

In contrast God values, self-control, a spirit of generosity and a commitment to humble service.

Like Jesus, too, it is possible to love sinners, spend time with them while still maintaining your commitment to the values of God’s Kingdom.

Ask yourself:

“What values are most important to me?”

“Do my actions reflect the world’s values or God’s values?”

Being truthful with yourself will help you know where to ask God for help, so that you can begin the work that is necessary to becoming more authentic in your Christian walk.


Welcome to Who Me Be A Leader?

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