In today’s video Ronnie discusses what it means to be content with us.  Of course, I’ve jotted down some of my thoughts from his video to share with you.

As I think about the title the first thing that captures my mind is the fact that “Godliness plus contentment is great gain” is exactly what the Christian needs in order to grow spiritually, and it is what’s needed for our own personal fulfillment.

Contrary to what many of us read in the Word and are taught in church about money, most people still believe that money brings happiness.  Have you ever noticed that some people with money and an abundant of material possessions often times still crave more?  This wanting more and the lack of contentment for what we have can get us caught up in an endless cycle that often times leads to ruin and destruction in various forms.

How can we keep away from the love of money and become people who have learned to be content you asked?

I’m so glad you did.  Here goes:

  1. We must live like we will die one day and we do that by recognizing that our money and material possession will part from us one day.  They will be gone.
  2. Simply put, we must learn how to be content period.
  3. We must monitor what we are willing to do to gain our money and our things {our possessions}.
  4. We must be sure to love people more than we love our money and our possessions.
  5. Love God’s work more than we love money
  6. Freely share what we have with others
  7. We must prayerfully learn how to discern between our needs and our wants

So many of us have all that we need to live but we let ourselves become anxious and discontent over what we merely want.

Consider being like Paul—learn how to be content without having all that you want.  The only other alternative my friend is to become a slave to our desires and who wants to be a slave?


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