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We all come into the world helpless, dependent, and needing acceptance, to be treated as worthy, and to be blessed.

In today’s video, speaker, counselor and life coach Ronnie Roque speaks on the “Wounds of a father.”

You may be asking yourself, “What is the father wound?”

The father wound is the absence of the love from your birth father. This wound can be caused by several reasons, a few being:

  • neglect – I am unimportant
  • absence – divorce, separation, death
  • abuse – mental, physical, sexual, spiritual
  • control – domineering
  • lack of blessings – at various stages of life, and lack of affirmation that leads to a lack of self-acceptance.

More effects from the father wound are low self-esteem, a deep emotional pain inside, and a performance orientation that makes us “doers” rather than “beings.”

While salvation makes us a new creation in Christ, it does not necessarily address this wound inside.

We tend to have four barriers that inhibit the healing of these wounds:

  • pride – not willing to confront change or change.  You think “I’m alright.”
  • sin – not willing to confess sin or receive forgiveness.
  • lies – misconceptions about yourself, your birth father and your Father God.

Instead of going to the pain and receiving the healing that we need, we tend to respond to life events by creating a misconception about ourselves.

This article is from Agape Healing.  To read the entire article please go here.


Here at “Who Me Be a Leader“, we are not male chauvinist, but we do believe that God has a structure for everything and for a reason. Men are to lead their families no matter what happens and where they find themselves.

In this video, Ronnie talks to fathers who find themselves away from their home, whether its due to incarceration or divorce.God has entrusted you to the role of Father if you have children.  We also believe that in order for this to take place that you need God’s help and His grace. So, Men, we are challenging you to turn your heart towards home so God will be able to use your efforts to bless your children.