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The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.” ~ Proverbs 12:15

Most men are long rangers, says Ronnie Roque, founder of Who me be a leader, the word counsel is like a slap in the face to them.”

What is it that keeps a fool from being wise?

His way is right in his own eyes. He thinks he is in the right in everything he does, and therefore asks no advice, because he does not apprehend he needs it. He is confident he knows the way, and cannot miss it, and therefore never inquires the way. The rule he goes by is to do that which is right in his own eyes, to walk in the way of his heart. He makes his will his law. He is a fool that is governed by his eye, and not by his conscience.

What it is that keeps a wise man from being a fool?

He is willing to be advised, desires to have counsel given him, and heeds and gives attention to counsel—what has been said, being reserved and restrained in manner when it comes to his own judgment and having a value for the direction of those that are wise and good. He is wise (it is a sign he is so, and he is likely to continue so) whose ear is always open to good advice.

To learn more about a wise man please watch Ronnie’s Youtube video.”

Excerpts taken and revised from Matthew Henry Commentator.

“Just past noon on January 15, 1929, a son was born to the Reverend and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr., in an upstairs bedroom of 501 Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was in these surroundings of home, church {Ebenezer Baptist Church}, and neighborhood {sweet Auburn} that “M.L.” experienced family and Christian love, segregation and in the days to come “Jim Crow” laws, diligence and tolerance.” ~ NPS Gov

Someone asked me if I thought Martin Luther King, Jr., was a champ.

I said, “Yes because he wasn’t afraid to speak; he wasn’t afraid to stand, he knew his destiny, yet, he did all that he did without violence and that’s why I believe God still honors Dr. King’s legacy this many years after his death.”

It is with great honor that I post the video of Martin Luther Kings famous speech, “I have a dream.”

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Sites dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Martin Luther King, Jr., and the global freedom struggle

The Nobel Peace Prize, 1964

Youtube video of house where Dr. King was born


We at Who Me Be a Leader have a deep desire for you to fall in love with God’s Word. The truth is, how we handle something depends on its value to us, and many people simply don’t realize the absolute treasure God has given them in His Word. Nothing you or I own is more precious than the Bible. People who ignore Scripture suffer as a result and go through life’s hardships without ever realizing the riches at their fingertips. However, those who embrace God’s Word discover benefits that money could never buy.

What is keeping you from the blessing of God’s Word? Some people say they don’t read Scripture because they say it is too difficult to understand. Here are some practical ideas to help you use God’s Word and begin applying it to your life.

First: READ. The first step it to open your Bible and begin reading it daily, small portions at first (Prov 8:33-35). Choose a time when you are able to focus all your attention on reading without interruption. Apart from prayer and worship, reading the Word is one of the primary ways we get to know Him. Those who read only during times of crisis miss the joy of an intimate relationship with the heavenly Father, which develops through consistent fellowship with Him.

Bible reading is a matter of quality not quantity. You should be most concerned with how effectively Scripture is changing your life rather than the number of chapters you have completed. As you go through the Bible, you should be storing the Lord’s truths in your heart. The goal is character transformation and an ever-deepening relationship with your Savior.

Second: MEDITATE. Meditation is simply a conversation with the Lord about the passage you’re reading. It’s a discipline that requires silence, stillness and concentration. Word by word and phrase by phrase, ask the Father to reveal both the meaning and the application He wants you to make in your life.

The process is slow and thoughtful, but as your continue, the Bible’s pages will come to life with significance. Always remembering your goal is a deeper understanding of God and yourself. Ask Him to show you His ways, search your heart, and reveal any changes you need to make.

Three: STUDY. How often do we really look for the Lord, examining Scripture for understanding about His ways? So often we ready the Bible only when we are searching for a verse to help us with a need. But do we care enough about Him to search out His character and learn who He really is? One of the greatest benefits of investing our time in thoughtful Bible study is an ever-increasing love for our Savior.

To supplement your studies, we also recommend investing in a Bible dictionary, a concordance and some Bible commentaries.

Four: APPLY. This step is essential. In order to become a mature Christian, you must learn to apply what you have learned. As we spend time reading the Bible, the Lord reveals what He wants us to do, whether through direct commands, principles, or examples. However, if we ignore His promptings or refuse to obey, we’ll get stuck and stop growing. Why should God reveal deeper truths if we haven’t done the last thing He said? In that case, our understanding of Scripture will be limited, our walk will suffer, and our spiritual fruit will dry up. Remember that obeying God is always the best path. The Father both uses and blesses those who say no to self and yes to Him (Prov 3:5-6).

The Lord has so much to give us if we will just make Bible reading a priority in our lives. He wants us to long for “the pure milk of the word” so that we can grow into mature believers (1 Pet. 2:1-2). Few of us will miss a meal, but how often do we skip spending time in the pages of Scripture? How can we be so careful to feed our bodies, which will one day die, and yet starve our spirits, which will live forever?

If you’ll start seriously “tasting” God’s Word, you will begin to develop a hunger to go deeper. Not only that, but the more familiar we become with the Bible, the more we will value and delight in it (Psalm 119:111). Instead of feeling an obligation to read, we’ll long to spend time hearing from our Savior and growing in our understanding of His character and ways.

Excerpts from “Transformed by The Word” by Charles Stanley

Our desire at Who Me Be a Leader is to reach men in all areas and all walks of life. In this video Ronnie sits down with his friend Donny Hightower, from The InnerChange Freedom Initiative, a Prisoner Reformation Program. This is an intense values-based program that is taught from a biblical perspective and focuses on Jesus Christ and the model and source of real lifelong change. This program has two parts,  the participants receive 18 months of pre-release programming in a prison unit separated from the general population. After release from prison, they receive 12 months of reentry programming and mentoring to help them get settled back into the community, into a job and a supportive church. They remain in close relationship with IFI staff and volunteers as mentors to receive encouragement and support as needed. It is not an easy program, it is filled with a combination of academic and life-skills classes, small-group discussions, leadership training, and personal study. It is open to prisoners of any faith or no faith. But it is taught from biblical perspective with the focus being on a relationship with Jesus Christ for true lifelong change.


We live in a world that cherishes possessions. We are never satisfied and feel that we never have enough. This is evident in the fact that we have so much “stuff”, there are now Storage facilities practically on every other corner because we have run out of room at our own homes to keep it all. However, in Matthew, the Bible tells us to not store up earthly possessions (or treasures), but to store up our treasures in heaven. In this video Ronnie talks about the things that we possess that can lead to pride in our lives such as clothing, homes, cars, toys – big and small, and sometimes even people. We want for you to gain the proper, biblical perspective on your possessions. Everything you have came from God, belongs to God and you are just a mere steward over what He has chosen to bless you with.