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If a Christian is to be successful he must make the gospel the core message of his life, and he must even put this message before himself,” says Ronnie Roque of Who Me Be A Leader?

When I think about formula’s I immediately think of  babies, feedings . . . eating, consuming and nourishment.  We consume and give nourishment for proper weight and development for ourselves and the ones whom we are feeding.

Rarely will we find parents who choose any old formula or food for their babies.  No.  Parents think about things such as the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, liquids, powder, ready-to-feed formulas, the manufacturers—where the formula came from and so on.

In today’s video, Ronnie shares a formula with you.  But this formula isn’t any kind of formula either.  We know who the manufacturer of this formula is.  You see the one giving the instructions on how to consume this formula loves the one who has given him the means and the ways to instruct us on how to eat, and be a partaker.  This particular formula is so unique, in fact, that not all will consume it or even see the importance of it. It goes against our natural tendencies and against what the world says we must do in order to be a success.

For those who want to know the true meaning of success and want the right way to go about it, this is the formula to ingest  because it is sure to help you in your goal to be successful if you consume it properly.

Please listen to the video to learn about Paul’s success formula based on 11 Timothy 1:1 and while listening men, you may want to think on Ronnie’s challenge and “re-evaluate what you think success is.”